10 March 2022

With a donation from the Newfield Charitable Trust last year, YMCA Heart of England ran the successful Flourish intervention programme for the fourth year within the Coventry area.

The ‘Flourish’ programme is aimed at supporting girls and young women to overcome significant personal issues; primarily linked with Child Sexual Exploitation, Sexual Violence and Domestic Violence. It is intended to increase self-awareness, confidence, build resilience and make informed choices around personal and social development, family and relationships, health and well-being and protective behaviours.

Through the creation of bonds with other young women who have had similar experiences and the ability to positively interact with male members of staff, the programme has helped to create a safe space for these young women.

Some of the feedback that has been received.

“It made me realise my strengths and weaknesses which I never knew before” MM (aged 15)”

“being in an environment that promotes self-love and female empowerment” YT (aged 14)”

“It was always fun, I never once felt bored or judged when speaking about things and experiences” MB (aged 15)”

“It made me feel safe to know that some people may go through the same things as you”

“I should love myself and body as it is and not try and change myself for anyone”

Quote from Newfield:  “The Newfield Charitable Trust is delighted to support this bold, innovative programme as it fulfils the main objective of our charity which is to assist women and girls under 40 years old in difficult circumstances.”

The donation from Newfield Charitable Trust will continue to assist with this programme again and assist these women and to help navigate a way through these situations to a safer place.